О Нас

«Launching a new project for the Nice confectionery boutique, we set as our goal to provide residents and guests of the Sochi resort with an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of France, discover the taste and aromas of Parisian confectioneries, enjoy a magnificent view of the yachts and real French desserts in the very center of the city Sochi.»


Дессерты – Макарон – Торты – Шоколад



Хлеб – Круассаны





«Luxurious desserts, fresh fragrant pastries, delicious cakes, real French chocolate prepared with love by the pastry chef of the Nice boutique will help you plunge into the amazing, unique atmosphere of good old France. Enjoy real French desserts in our boutique with a cup of aromatic coffee. And if you wish, take with you home or for a walk in a specially prepared package a delicious piece of France, prepared for you in the very center of Sochi.»


Macaron production – 1

Our macarons are made of best quality almond flour.

Macaron production – 2

We use only premium quality fruit mash for macaron fillings, with no artificial flavoring. Natural ingredients only.

Macaron production – 3

All macarons are hand-made. We put kindness and love into making them.